A musical tale of Valor, Sportsmanship, and Love The Hunt began as a small snippet of music played on a double bass. Since then, the music and the story have grown to be loved by music lovers everywhere.     Although … Read More


is a musical artist and multi-instrumentalist who creates in many genres of music. From his recording and performance experience in the Allman Brothers Band (.Rock), years of performing both small combos and big bands (.Jazz), electronic house based Ableton productions integrated with traditional instruments (.EDM), and finally as principal bassist in a symphony orchestra (.Classical), GoldFlēce brings a lifetime of hands-on perspective to music composition and performance.

Visit the links below to listen to some of the music of GoldFlēce. Licensing and scores are available for much of the music on this site. GoldFlēce is also accepting commissions for custom musical projects. Contact GoldFlēce.

David Goldflies

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