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The Hunt

A musical tale of Valor, Sportsmanship, and Love The Hunt began as a small snippet of music played on a double bass. Since then, the music and the story have grown to be loved by music lovers everywhere.     Although … Read More

A Night on the Road

A Night on the Road is the world’s first fully orchestrated show of the music of the Allman Brothers Band and former Allman Brothers Band bassist, David Goldlfies (GoldFlēce). A Night on the Road was born from the collaboration of GoldFlēce … Read More

Allman Goldflies Band – StudioAmped

From Panama City Beach, it’s the hard-driving, inspired southern music of the Allman Goldflies Band, performing live on the Amos Studio concert stage. Now in its eleventh season, WSRE’s StudioAmped concert series features regional artists performing original music.

TNEO Music

We create music that we like to listen to. If we aren’t turned on by it, why should you be? Each month we’ll add a new song to this page. All the songs are part of our first album release, Robotish. … Read More