Space Rider

Space Rider by GoldFlē

Riding up to space
I’ll have left this place
When I’m up so high
I’ll have said goodbye

Harp… Katie Ott
Trumpet… Brian Taylor
Bass, Guitar, Timpani, Vocals, Synth, Drum Loops… GoldFlēce
Produced by GoldFlēce

Astrophotography by Stellina
M13 – Hercules Cluster
M17 – The Omega Nebula
M27 – Dumbbell Nebula

Special thanks to Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick for inspiration and cool spaceships in 1968.

Dedicated to the Jane Goldflies Fund for Human Rights.

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Space Rider. Exploring the universe. An ever-present yet unattainable dream. What began as pure music found its meaning in an emerging awareness of objects strewn throughout deep space. Using the Stellina telescope by Vaonis, deep space images became almost instantly attainable. Nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters were all just a few imaging sessions away. During the pandemic, the universe around GoldFlēce increased in size by millions of light-years. A childhood toy of the space shuttle in 2001: A Space Odyssey is used in “Space Rider” to pay homage to Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick.

Space Rider .new-age by GoldFlece