The Hunt

A musical tale of Valor, Sportsmanship, and Love

The Hunt began as a small snippet of music played on a double bass. Since then, the music and the story have grown to be loved by music lovers everywhere.
     Although the primary audience is for children of all ages, adults can gain great satisfaction from the beautiful melodies and orchestration intertwined with a classic plot of valor and love.
    There is a kind and gentle sensibility to The Hunt that the composer feels always deserves a place in the world.
The Hunt has grown from a full orchestral piece to include now a nine-piece score reduction, thematic excerpts used as educational outreach in elementary schools, and an illustrated children’s book.

Tie One On

I’m gonna tie one on
‘Til the break of dawn
‘Cause you’re gone
I’m gonna tie one on
Gonna tie one on
It’s been so long
Since you went away
Gonna tie one on
Yeah, I remember
Just like yesterday
We would laugh
We would play
All day long
In the sun
Now you’re gone
I wanna tie one on
I’m gonna tie one on
‘Til the break of dawn
‘Cause you’re gone
I’m gonna tie one on

Tie One On
Matt Siegel – Guitar
Brother Mike Kach – Electric Piano & Hammond Organ
GoldFlece Guitar, Bass, Drum & Vocal Programming, Violin
Modeling – H. Rowe
Spagyric Records
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Best of 2020

Tie One On was voted one of the “Best Singles of 2020” by Indie Voice.

Tie One On is a song about the start of the healing process when the one you care for the most moves on. The song remembers the good times but comes back to the hard reality of the breakup. Soulful guitar underscores the raw emotion of the heart.

Written and produced by GoldFlēce, the track features Matt Siegal on guitar (Allman Goldflies Band alumnus), and brother Mike Kach (Dickey Betts Great Southern Band). Special thanks to H. Rowe.

Tie One On - goldflece.rock

Space Rider

Space Rider by GoldFlē

Riding up to space
I’ll have left this place
When I’m up so high
I’ll have said goodbye

Harp… Katie Ott
Trumpet… Brian Taylor
Bass, Guitar, Timpani, Vocals, Synth, Drum Loops… GoldFlēce
Produced by GoldFlēce

Astrophotography by Stellina
M13 – Hercules Cluster
M17 – The Omega Nebula
M27 – Dumbbell Nebula

Special thanks to Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick for inspiration and cool spaceships in 1968.

Dedicated to the Jane Goldflies Fund for Human Rights.

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(c)2020 All Rights Reserved

Space Rider. Exploring the universe. An ever-present yet unattainable dream. What began as pure music found its meaning in an emerging awareness of objects strewn throughout deep space. Using the Stellina telescope by Vaonis, deep space images became almost instantly attainable. Nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters were all just a few imaging sessions away. During the pandemic, the universe around GoldFlēce increased in size by millions of light-years. A childhood toy of the space shuttle in 2001: A Space Odyssey is used in “Space Rider” to pay homage to Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick.

Space Rider .new-age by GoldFlece

World Premiere of Web Dance – the Internet in a Song!

Web Dance by GoldFlēce.classical (Official)
Performed by The Panama City POPS

Conducted by
David Ott

March 14, 2020

0:23 Setting up for the show…
0:35 The final rehearsal…
1:51 Web Dance

Web Dance is a musical representation of the evolution of the World Wide Web, from 4 refrigerator-sized routers to the world-encircling network it has become. The piece quickly becomes playful and evokes the image of bytes of data dancing across the Internet in ever-bigger waves. Web Dance uses a prerecorded “modem sound” at the start, launching the piece just as the dial-up modem did at the start of the World Wide Web itself. 

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Web Dance

New Hope – a musical journey through Florida’s history

4:30 New Hope

This next piece was written by one of our own David Goldflies, is again, you have your fan here. That’s a strong fan base man I’ll tell you why and he goes whoo. Anyway, I’m just kidding. I met David about seven years ago. I want to stress this because I love guys like this who have broad musical horizons and loves and understands and wants to understand each genre.

David Goldflies traveled with the biggest rock band in the nation in his time. He’s old now, but in his time, he traveled (not as old as me) anyway David traveled with the Allman Brothers Band as their bass player. You don’t get much bigger in the rock world and that. That’s significant.

I saw David you were doing a pickup, I think big band thing in the park and you came up introduce yourself said man I love to play with you and I said man here twist it. And he played bass and he had to share a story because you just bought a bass from a guy that played with Jackie Gleason. Right. Not you, I know the guy and I had sung with the Jackie Gleason show in those days me and the bass or old. and David he’s getting there. And anyway, he had he had that he was talking to me he come he is not left. I have watched him played jazz. I’ve watched him play rock. I’ve watched him play pop. Just everything and now he has an interest in symphonic writing. So he wrote a piece. Didn’t ask you if we’d play it or anything else. But I listened to it and I looked at it and I let us let let the orchestra play it so he could all composers hear they hear it
all but when it’s live it’s another story. And then it gave him an opportunity to grow from.

David I want you to come and just within 30 seconds share about New Hope. Would you do that can you can you me to hold your bass or are you conduct and I’ll play it. You got that. He didn’t know that was gonna ask me to do that. I want you to know David, as I would with anyone, and that microphone I guess it’s on. Is it on? Guys it’s on. It’s on. Just tell them how you came to write this.

Well thanks Eddie. Sure it’s kind of been an interesting journey to say the least. I got a little house in New Hope and New Hope for those who don’t know is like a gas station 30 miles north of here. That’s all there is. But if you turn there and go down into this beautiful valley it’s just beautiful, beautiful trees, and have a little house there. And one day I took a walk and there’s the Live Oak Baptist Church next door. Just walk through, walk through the cemetery just there’s a beautiful day. And I came back home and I have a little studio and I said you know I have some ideas and five hours later I had the basic three mellow first three melodies of the song. And I made some dinner and after that the next part came into my head so just kept working on it.

Um I thought it was done and then I played it for Rose. And Rose just fell in love with it and twisted she’s one of twisted Eddie’s arm. Made him listen to it. Yeah right there, it’s Rose our first cellist. And it’s just been a real interesting growth all along the way. But became more than that for me because, as I wrote it, I kept visualizing this Orchestra. It’s not just any orchestra it’s the orchestra that I cut my teeth on here locally. And so I would see you know Ron playing French horn and I’d write a part. And I’d think of the cello it’s Rose every way. I saw Yassa in my head first violin beautiful string melodies so it’s as much a product of this orchestra as it is of my concept from the feeling of that day. Proud to be here. Thanks a lot for listening.


Actually, Rose didn’t have to twist my arm once I heard it. It was just, I thought, you know we need to let this–we need to play this. Now, I went to New Hope to find David and the “now entering” sign and the “just leaving” were on the same post. So I didn’t find where he walked around the cemetery. I don’t know. But anyway, I think you will really enjoy his composition entitled New Hope.

(music plays)

Please don’t bring another one to me, I can’t stand the tears. Anyway, David’s father’s here. Where is your father David? He’s here. I don’t know if you can see. Mr. Goldflies made the batons that at least one of the conductors conducted with tonight. One used a purse, one used a gavel and something else, but he’s here to hear his son’s first composition, and I know you’re very proud and you have every right to be and again let’s thank David.

Music by Goldflies
New Hope World Premiere Original Performance
with Maestro Eddie Rackley
Score available by request: [email protected]

The writing of New Hope came as a complete surprise. Nearby a small country cottage owned by the composer is a small church with a cemetery. One summer day, GoldFlēce took a walk to explore the neighborhood. As the walk began, the sound of birds filled the air. Then, while walking through the cemetery, he noticed the gravestones were from very different times, dating back as far as 1791. There were tombstones for soldiers lost during the Florida Indian wars of 1816 to 1858. The mood was somber, yet GoldFlēce imagined the lives of the people at rest were as vibrant as his own. Once back at the cottage, GoldFlēce was moved by what he had seen. The initial themes of New Hope pounded in his head and he began to work furiously to capture them in notation. Four hours later, the first version of New Hope was complete. 

New Hope premiered with a performance by the Panama City POPS Orchestra in 2013.

GoldFlēce.rock presents A Night on the Road featuring the music of the Allman Brothers Band & More

A Night on the Road

A Night on the Road is the world’s first fully orchestrated show of the music of the Allman Brothers Band and former Allman Brothers Band bassist, David Goldlfies (GoldFlēce).

A Night on the Road was born from the collaboration of GoldFlēce and world-renown composer, Dr. David Ott.

A Night on the Road’s debut performance included the Allman Brothers legacy group A Brothers Revival (featuring David “Rook” Goldflies on Bass and Mike Kach of Dickey Betts and Great Southern Band) along with the Panama City Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr. David Ott.

A Night on the Road presents the music of the Allman Brothers Band in a new way that preserves the power and creativity of the original recordings of the Allman Brothers along with a full symphony orchestra. This show brings the symphony orchestra to a vast, new audience and is a refreshing addition to any season roster.

Orchestrations of many of the fan’s favorite Allman Brothers’ tunes include Midnight Rider, Ramblin’ Man, Elizabeth Reed, Whipping Post, and more.


Ultra Artists Inc.
Rich Goldberg

TNEO Music

TNEO Music

We create music that we like to listen to. If we aren’t turned on by it, why should you be?

Each month we’ll add a new song to this page. All the songs are part of our first album release, Robotish. Listen to the music, enjoy it and share it with friends.

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